I am an experienced writer with
a technical and creative background.

I have over 15 years of experience in telecommunications engineering.

I have contributed hundreds of articles to Hackaday, an electronics blog that chronicles fresh hacks as they emerge from the worldwide community of makers and tinkerers.

About Me

"Kristina has a clear and compelling writing style, and is well-versed in the best practices of crafting motivating marketing copy.
I highly recommend her."

-Steve Slaunwhite, author of The Everything Guide To Writing Copy

I love to write. I think there is something a bit magical about the written word. It has authority. It has permanence. Words can move a person to laughter, to tears, or to take action.

I've enjoyed writing all of my life: throughout school, my 15-year career as a telecommunications engineer, and all of the adult education classes I've taken in the interim.

Why hire me?

I apply a laser-like focus to research and writing.

I'm curious by nature, and interested in everything. I will not pretend to take an interest in your business for the purpose of taking your money. I want to make money for you.

I am a careful observer, and pay great attention to detail. This means that I will review all of the material you give me about your business, your philosophy, your ideal clients, and look at it from all angles to find the best path to persuasion.


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